Leadership is Influence, northing more, nothing less —John C Maxwell

Whoever has influence, good or bad, is a leader. End of story. You don’t need a title or a position to be a leader. That makes everyone a leader, including Youth.

There is bad horsemanship and good horsemanship. We can interchange the words from people to horses. And I hope you will.

The lowest level of leadership is positional, managing people which is about 80%. They have power because of their position. They tell what to do, force it, don’t care about employees. They want people to follow them, but get minimal initiative from employees, maybe just enough to keep their job. In a survey, 85% of people have chosen EQ , only 15% have chosen IQ when it comes to follow a leader.

How does good leadership looks like? Or EI (Emotional Intelligence) leadership look like?

First of all, self awareness. If I don’t know myself, then I am the hardest person to lead. And if I cannot lead myself first, I cannot lead others. How can I work on myself if I don’t know  what to work on? I need to be connected to myself before I can connect to another person or horse. What is the result of connectedness to self ? Authenticity. Confidence. Skills

Authenticity is an accelerator in relationships, because it produces trust. With this, I can focus on the other person and see that there are different levels of understanding with different people. It is then my responsibility to be aware where people are in their way of thinking. Out of my own connectedness, I become able to connect with people. It bridges the intention and perception gap.

What kind of leader do I want to follow?

A leader who does 3 things:

Listens well, observes well, serves well. A good leader listens, he learns about me, then he leads me. What does he listen to? He wants to know:  What goals, dreams, purpose, hope do I have? Who am I? What is important to me? What are my values? How am I wired? and so on …..All of this questions are closing gaps and connect, because I feel understood. A brilliant leader is a master in connecting on the heart and mind level

We need to know that we judge ourselves by our intentions, but judge others by their actions. I need to learn how I change my perspective on my thought process first. How? By thinking and asking myself lots of questions. Known as “Think”

What results does a good leader has ?

He gets things done with people who are initiative and excited, willing, enthusiastic, happy, valued and so on. But this is just the beginning. He then multiplies and empowers others to excel, to grow, and to become leaders as well. He is not afraid to loose his position because he up- skills others. He for sure is not a stingy person who keeps everything close to him or her.

The highest reward for excellent leadership

He is highly respected and loved. He has a huge positive influence, he leaves a legacy. The legacy of legends

I do not determine my level of leadership: others do. Or in the horsemanship world: the horses do


I hope that you see the value in my teaching with horses as thinking partners. There are principles and laws which cannot be changed as we wish. And whatever I teach, it always comes back to the REAL and LEAD, acronyms for Relationship, Equipping, Attitudes and Leadership by Learning, Experiencing, Applying and Developing self and others.

Everything is based on the teaching by John C Maxwell and Team and Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman

A few years ago, when I celebrated my John C Maxwell Certification in Orlando Florida, I gave John a present: Buck the Movie. After that, I travelled to Arizona and attended a clinic with Buck Brannaman. I gave him a present too: A John C Maxwell signed book about leadership

Because it is all the same

Thank you for reading my blog

Edee Rampa