Workshops by Design

For Individuals, Families, Women, Men, Youth, Youth at Risk, Groups,Teams, Small Businesses and Schools

  • I can do a workshop at your place if there is a horse or horses
    – Creating your unique workshop
    – Define expected outcome
    – Design Objectives
    – Define duration / time
    – Define pricing


All our teaching /training / facilitating stands on the foundation by the John C Maxwell Education in Personal Growth and Leadership.

As a John C Maxwell Team member and dedicated to life long learning, I enjoy regular teaching calls from the JMT Mentorship Program. All our horsemanship is based on the teaching by the greatest horsemen, the Dorrance’s, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman

Because Life and Horses, it is all the same

Therefore, our Workshops are based on: REAL and LEAD. Because of the sound foundation, natural laws and principles, it is of lasting and high value. We also provide you with a vast possibility for lifelong follow ups in the area of becoming a better, successful, whole and healthy person.

Relationship Equip Attitude Leadership by Learning Experiencing Applying Developing Self and Others.


The purpose and goal and vision of our EAL Programs are to help people to; BE  DO  HAVE  GIVE  MORE

– Become whole and healthy inside and out
– Be successful in 4 areas:
– In relationships
– Being equipped for life’s challenges
– Becoming resilient
– Striving for a purpose driven life
– Becoming a better person
– Seeing one’s strength, possibilities and potential
– Making a difference in other people’s lives
– Impacting the community
– Leaving a legacy
– Enjoying life to the fullest


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