We start off in the shed class room to discuss the workshop and whats involved:

  • Housekeeping
  • Safety around horses
  • 30 minutes discussing/ learning about R E A L and what we are going to do in the paddock with the horses, what to look for in oneself and the horses.
  • 30 minutes experiencing it.
    Every participant get to know each of the 4 horses. Having fun exploring, feeling it.
  • 30 minutes of debriefing.
    What we learned, aha moments, and journalling, using the Adventure Planner Principles.


Experiencing a positive change, seeing things differently, having fun and learning life lessons.

Because our subconscious mind is storing all our feelings, it will last for life

Half Day and Full Day Workshops will be designed for individual requests, I am happy to be contacted and to discuss.

Otherwise they will be advertised separately.