“I can’t be bothered” “It doesn’t matter” I don’t care”

It happened just yesterday, that I eventually was able to face my past as a young mum of four kids by watching old VHS videos of the time back then. For years, I wanted to convert those old cassettes to dvd’s or to a USB stick and send them to my children, now adults, some […]

Horsemanship and Mindset Development

My story to help you: Horses: As a young mum, I was scared of horses. But then I fell in love with them and this change of mind, from fear to love, helped me to overcome that fear. Horses changed my mindset from “I can’t” to I can, I try, I will, I do, I […]

Learning from Giants

The Golden Rule of Ethics I had the privilege to listen to recorded Executive Circle Calls within the John Maxwell Mentorship Program. All of them are leaders with integrity and of service to people. When I first realized this once in a life time opportunity, my first thought was: “Who am I to learn from […]

The highest levels of awareness: EXPERIENCE and MASTERY

This is my last blog of the series “Levels of Awareness.” The purpose is to think and to do a check up from “head to toes” when we are stuck and  frustrated; it is NOT a tool for self judgement or judging others. It is meant to help us to find out where we rent […]

Higher levels of Awareness

This is my third blog about our levels of awareness. And as we look to the lower levels, we have to admit we’re visiting frequently those animal and mass levels. Therefore the question is: where do I spend my time? How do I cope and deal with situations and feelings? What story do I tell […]

Lowest levels of awareness

In my last blog, we were talking about the lowest level of awareness, the animal level, the stimulus-reaction level. Where others and circumstances are to blame, and the search to ease it, mostly found in alcohol and drugs and what not. There is another low level of awareness, and the market place makes the most […]

Living in different levels of Awareness

Have you ever been in one of  those situations: You’re driving on the highway, and there comes a rude driver, pushing and honking the horn? Or that person who drives under the speed limit, and the moment you decide to pass, that person speeds up  above the limit? Or you’re waiting patiently in a cue […]


To many times in my life, I’d rather coped with circumstances and operated out of a state of being defeated than victory. Why do we, maybe, our whole life, resiliently stay and move around in the same mental state of feeling trapped? It has become a very unpleasant comfort zone, asking the same old question […]

The power of Horses as Thinking Partners

Today was the first step (lesson) my daughter has had, I have been searching for so long to find the right way for my daughter to grow and learn. It is obvious why I had to search for so long to find Edee and Sugar. The roses in a bed of thorns. I am absolutely […]

Be more. Do more. Have more. Give more

Do you know your potential? What you are capable of?  Do you know yourself so well that you would jump out of your comfort zone to do something you are dreaming of? Something you have never done before? Or do you look away because staying the same is easier? But to be honest, we all […]