“When I stated to work with Edee and her horses I was sort of lost in relation of what my next job should be.
Her equine friends helped me to find out about my strengths and Edee’s Adventure planner got me focused and gave me direction. At the job interview I was able to bank on my new skills and my answers regarding personal growth got me over the line.
Thank you Edee and equine friends for your guidance.”

Lisa, EAL Participant

“I had a great experience. Lots of self reflection on …… lots but most clearly on mindfulness. If you don’t stay calm but have direction then you can’t ask someone to come with you. Problem solving with a flight response animal is amazing. I did it and am a better human for it. Just need to keep in in as an everyday practice. Thank you Edith Rampa at serendipity ranch.”

Leilah, EAL Participant

“It made me aware that I had to relax and slow down a bit to make Buffy (horse) more comfortable around me. I learned months later over and over again how my energy is actually working against me in life, so I deliberately try to relax and slow down. The sessions are great value because you take what you learn home with you. It sticks with you even months later.”

Ramona, EAL Participant

“Would have never thought I’d see the day that my mum goes anywhere near a horse let a lone hugging one. I remember when I had a horse back in VIC you always stayed far away from her. This is a fantastic achievement mum I’m proud of you.”

Hannah H. Uni Student

“Spending the day at Serendipity Ranch as enlightening as I began my journey as a trailblazer.
It was a healing experience to spend the day on a farm surrounded by the supportive ladies, Denise and Edee: and of course, the teachers of the day, the beautiful horses. I felt it was an inspirational workshop that reminded me of what my dreams were. I had the opportunity to step back and reflect on my own life goals. A key aspect I took away from the day was to be adventurous in life.

In a safe environment. I put my trust in the elegant horse Sugar, as I reconnected with my leading communication style. The yummy food was delicious, loved the little treats throughout the day! Most of all, it was a day that inspired vision and then the actions to pursue that vision. A motivational experience I would recommend in a heartbeat, and that there’s no day like today! I look forward to continuing my journey as a trailblazer.”