What is Your Idea of Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy?

Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapy is a beautiful way to learn about our own way of thinking. Self Awareness is the very first step to transformation.  Interacting with horses opens a door to our mind, feelings and our subconscious mind. Because “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”-Carl Jung   That’s the power of Equine Assisted Learning.


Serendipity Ranch is for Unexpected Learning

We facilitate Personal Growth and Leadership with 5 horses as thinking partners Our “ThinkTank Outposts “ are based on John C Maxwell’s acronym REAL:
We also are NDIS certified/approved.

Relationships: Because people make or break you
Equipping : To be successful in all areas of our lives, we need a toolbox filled with life skills and knowledge. It all starts with a healthy and positive self image.
Attitudes: learning to fail forward to success. Stand up and be counted (to stop bullying)
Leadership: The highest form of leadership is self- leadership. Developing strong personal Character.

Interacting with horses is fun and participants learn about their own way of thinking, their emotions and body language. Horses are not judgmental and therefore the very best teachers when it comes to Self-Awareness. Horses respond to humans in 2 ways: Either they feel comfortable or they feel uncomfortable around a person. Those moments are most valuable to let a participant think, feel and learn.

Increased confidence allows Youth and anyone to better perform in school and life Increased soft skills helps to better prepare for further education or the work force Increased communication skills sets you apart from others.

Increased ability to develop critical thinking and collaboration skills Includes tools and other materials for participants to keep, further enhancing your experiences and growth.

We want to be a part of the solution creating future employees and leaders HEART REASONS for people who endorse and help with our programs:

The positive impact on your emotional well- being knowing you’ll contributing to youth and personal growth locally.

Providing a positive opportunity and hope for the future of our local youth and community An opportunity to have a big impact on yourself and your school and your businesses.

Edith Rampa, Serendipity Ranch

Certified EAL Facilitator, Certified DISC Facilitator, Certified John C Maxwell Coach, Trainer, Public Speaking, Registered Nurse, horsemanship experience for more than 20 Years.