Edith Rampa


OUR VISION: To create a better world by developing a platform that empowers participants with leadership skills, personal character development, a positive self-image and a desire to be, do, have and give more

OUR PURPOSE: To change the world by inspiring and equipping people to lead themselves and others with character, mutual respect and integrity.

OUR CULTURE: To encourage participants to fail forward and learn from it. To keep everyone safe. To make it a positive enjoyable experience for everyone.
To respect and encourage and help each other.

Equine Assisted Learning for Personal Growth and Leadership

We offer experiential learning that is rich, broad, deep, thrilling, and challenging. You don’t just study, you grow:

Developing a healthy self image Learning to fail forward
Teamwork, collaboration, leadership Developing a strong personal character

Horses are our thinking partners. They are non judgmental of how a person looks or who that person is. But horses do not lie either. They communicate straight away how they feel around a person.

Therefore we focus on strength and potential of everyone by expecting the following outcome: -Increased confidence, allowing to better perform in school and life
-Increased soft skills, helping to prepare for job interviews,
-Further education or transition to the workforce

-Improved communication skills with adults and peers -Increased ability to develop critical thinking and leadership skills

We offer hard copies Youth DISC Profiles and online extended DISC profiles for adults We can recommend literature for follow ups or for deeper understandings.

Because our programs are so fundamental and life changing, we would like to offer tailored workshops, adjusted to your goals and expectations as well as to your budget/ fundings

Teacher, volunteers, family members and/or personal carers will get an introduction and hands on training, if they would like to be involved.

This is just a short glimpse into our goal oriented empowering workshops with horses as thinking partners and teachers.

Investing into people’s lives and first and foremost into the next generation’s lives is a game changer.

We are looking forward to hear back from you
LEAD= Learn Experience Apply Develop in self and others

REAL= Relationship Equip Attitude Leadership

Edee has a diploma in Counselling and a certification in Youth Counselling/Coaching

Years Horseback Riding and Horse Experience
Certification to be a John Maxwell Coach
Certified EAL Facilitator
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International John Maxwell Certification

Edee is a Registered Nurse, Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team and Certified DISC Behavioural Trainer. Certification in Youth Counselling/Coaching. And a lifelong student of good horsemanship based on the philosophy byTom, Bill, Ray and Buck

Equine Facilitated Human Development for Personal Growth, Leadership and Teambuilding

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