Learning With Horses

Interacting with horses is fun and participants learn about their own way of thinking, their emotions and body language.

Horses are not judgmental and therefore the very best teachers when it comes to Self-Awareness

Our Horses



Sugar Is a Quarter Horse with the registered name Charawa Shakira and born the 10/11/ 2006 in Arlie Beach
She is my best friend and we attended a lot of Horsemanship Clinics together, including 2 with Buck Brannaman
She has a D Personality



Buffy is a miniature pony and born in Delaneys Creek the 12/08/2013
She looks like a little Buffalo in winter time. She loves people a lot. She has stifle lock and that’s why she gets stuck with one hind leg sometimes
She has a S Personality



Lori is a purebred Arabian horse and born the 12/11/2014 She has been started at the Legacy of Legends in Tamworth January 2018
She has a I Personality



Pepper is a miniature pony and born in Delaneys Creek the 12/08’2014
Her colour was grey when she was born. She is not sure about people and if they are going to have her for lunch maybe
She has a C Personality