Learning With Horses

Interacting with horses is fun and participants learn about their own way of thinking, their emotions and body language.

Horses reflect how they feel around a person. Either they feel comfortable or they don’t. They are honest.

Our Horses



Sugar Is a Quarter Horse with the registered name Charawa Shakira and born the 10/11/ 2006 in Arlie Beach
She is my best friend and we attended a lot of Horsemanship Clinics together, including 2 with Buck Brannaman



Buffy is a miniature pony and born in Delaneys Creek the 12/08/2013
She looks like a little Buffalo in winter time. She loves people a lot. She has stifle lock and had surgery in 2021. She is limping since…



Lori is a purebred Arabian horse and born the 12/11/2014 She has been started at the Legacy of Legends in Tamworth January 2018
She is the drama queen of our family



Pepper is a miniature pony and born in Delaneys Creek the 12/08’2014
Her colour was grey when she was born. She is not sure about people and she sees herself as somebody’s lunch.

But she came a long way and became more confident. She also smarts people out.



Spirit of the Acres, born QLD Outback in Barcaldine the 11/10/2019, to the team.

Blue the Border Collie

"Therapy Dog"

Born Mt Delany , 27/07/ 2013