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How Long Does The Workshop Go For?

The workshop duration is for 6 weeks, once a week for 60 minutes per session.

The Adventure Planner and Personal DISC Assessment (Printout) Youth Max for young people is included.

Whats Involved - Workshop Details

Week 1 - R for Relationship

By knowing ourselves better, we will become more skilled to connect with people or even an audience. We explore how to create healthy and lasting relationships, how to decide to hang out with the right people, and to become aware and see things we did not before.

Objective: Self Image

Week 2 - R for Relationship

Objective: Communication and Connection.

Week 3 - E for Equip

Outcome: Gaining understanding about our personality styles. Exploring different personality styles and finding our strength and blind spots. DISC Assessment.

Objective: My Personality Style

Week 4 - E for Equip

Outcome: Building a future, a carrier a purpose driven life on our strength by building up on them, and working on our weaknesses and blind spots.  Get directions.

Objective: I plan my life and go some places

Week 5 - A for Attitudes

Outcome: Becoming aware of how I talk to myself. Realizing that it matters. Because we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.
Objective: My lens

Week 6 - L is for leadership

Outcome: Awareness that leadership is not a position. Living by example of servant leadership and knowing that the highest form of leadership is self-leadership. Taking responsibility by knowing that leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less. Going the way and showing the way by leaving a legacy.
Objective: Failing Forward

Our LEAD Approach - Learn, Explore, Apply and Develop

Structure of our experiential workshops with horses as thinking partners:

Safety, Housekeeping, collecting liability forms
Horses: Safety and learning about horses or recap of what we know about horses.
Adventure Planner: Starting the Journey and watch ourselves grow
Other handouts depending on workshop.
Discussing outcome and objective

Exploring and interacting and having fun with the horses 
Objective oriented

What we learned, aha moments, new level of awareness, sharing experiences and observations, Adventure Planner time.
Celebrating a great time together
Homework: Impact on daily life situations, parallels to our every day lives thinking and doing, bringing new thoughts to the next Think Tank Outpost


The purpose and goal and vision of our EAL Programs are to help people to; BE  DO  HAVE  GIVE  MORE

– Become whole and healthy inside and out
– Be successful in 4 areas:
– In relationships
– Being equipped for life’s challenges
– Becoming resilient
– Striving for a purpose driven life
– Becoming a better person
– Seeing one’s strength, possibilities and potential
– Making a difference in other people’s lives
– Impacting the community
– Leaving a legacy
– Enjoying life to the fullest


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