Do you know your potential? What you are capable of?  Do you know yourself so well that you would jump out of your comfort zone to do something you are dreaming of? Something you have never done before?

Or do you look away because staying the same is easier? But to be honest, we all want more in life, and we settle with lots of but’s. We leave butt prints in the sand instead of foot prints. Excuses we have. Lots of.

To have more in life, whatever that means for you, we first have to be more. As a result, we will do more and therefore we will have more. It is like an upwards spiral. Personal Growth it is. The opposite would be to live on auto pilot. Boring and unfulfilling it is.

By becoming, doing and having more, you find yourself in a position where you can give more. To yourself, your loved ones, at work, to the community. Like becoming a river instead of being a reservoir.

Be more first, means self improvement in 4 areas: Better relationships, better equipped with life skills and education, improved attitudes from can’t to can and in general from negative to positive, which sets basically anyone into the position of a good leader, one that can influence others to be, do, have and give more.

Might that be: Love, Purpose, Fulfilment, Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Courage, Guts, Character, Habits, Money, Possessions, Business, Carrier, whatever we dream of or visualise.

Because we cannot give what we do not have. Not Emotionally, not Spiritually, not Physically. Not Mentally.

How do we get there? First of all by making a decision to start the journey and face obstacles. Secondly to surround yourself with an inner circle who lifts you up and cheers you on. And thirdly: NIKE = Just do it by starting with what you have and who you are. No excuses!!

We take you on a journey, your journey!

Personal Growth and Leadership by LEAD (Acronym) LEARN, EXPERIENCE, APPLY, DEVELOP self and others

We help you to get there. We have tons of tools for anyone. We offer Mastermind Groups, Leadership Games, Coaching, Workshops, DISC Personality Assessments and Equine Assisted Personal Growth and Leadership. For kids, youth, families, teams, groups, one on one.

We are unique. At our place or at your place. We are flexible.

Thank you for reading my blog

Be well