It was a beautiful Summer morning in the Swiss Mountains, where we lived, with our 4 children. My husband came up with an unexpected idea, of just packing our back-bags , with what we can find in the kitchen and the fridge, and then drive to the funicular and up the mountain and walking down to the valley. The kids all got excited as they could pack what they liked for lunch, and off we went.

In the funicular were already a few people. We were excited and had lots of fun, when a certain smell started to offend our noses. Everybody looked at everybody, and it seems that all the adults had but one question:” who was it?”

Well, we arrived and made our way back down to the valley. We also found a beautiful place to have a rest and to enjoy lunch. When I opened Aaron’s back pack to help——  there it was!!! That cheese in his bag was that little stinker!!!!

And the point is: Carrying a piece of a stinky cheese is just the same as carrying a bad attitude. Wherever we go, it comes with us, and everyone can literally smell it.

The good news is: We can change our attitudes. This is the only thing we have 100% power over it. We cannot change people, situations or what happens to us.

The very first thing is to know about it. The blind spots and weaknesses that we carry around. Horses will help with awareness, without being judgmental.

People see our smiles, but they can feel or smell our attitudes. Authenticity means to find that stinky piece of cheese and to replace it with something that is a beautiful fragrance.

People can feel and smell our good attitudes as well and it is a delight for everyone. This too is revealed by interacting with horses.

Attitudes are habits. Habits are building our character. It is who we are to the core.

Our workshops are REAL = Relationships, Equipping, ATTITUDES and Leadership

How? By LEAD= Learn, Experience, Apply, Develop Self and Others

Thank you for reading my blog on of what we are all about