To many times in my life, I’d rather coped with circumstances and operated out of a state of being defeated than victory. Why do we, maybe, our whole life, resiliently stay and move around in the same mental state of feeling trapped? It has become a very unpleasant comfort zone, asking the same old question on and on: What can I do?

Well, I can do plenty. Within my sorry situation, I had imagination. I saw myself in the USA, I started to learn English with the Country Music Television and a Dictionary. With 4 young children living in a failed marriage, imagination was all I had to keep going. And I took steps. I re-entered the Registered Nursing Profession, I learned all about horses, horsemanship and riding, and bought my first horse, Sonny-Tee-Bar. I built my dream house with architects, inspired by the US American houses of Classicism. For a while, I ran unsuccessfully a little “All-American-“gift shop in Switzerland, but my drive was actually to fly to NYC and visit the big Jacob Javit’s Convention Centre, basically go shopping. The fright was so expensive, that it was just a big financial loss.

3 of my children completed their High School Year in Alabama and Texas and College in Tuscaloosa and Master Degree in Chicago

The crash came full blown. Nothing I could do about it. Devastated by my ex-husband’s cocaine abuse and sex addiction, everything fell apart. No place I could call home anymore, no family anymore, BUT, my imagination and moving forward gave me the incredible possibility to rise from the ashes, to start a new life in Christchurch, NZ first, then Brisbane Australia. I passed the RN-NCLEX exam to be an RN in the State of California. But as the Green Card took to long, I staid in Australia, bought horses and did a few more Certifications to run my Serendipity Ranch.

My passion is to EQUIP people with life skills. Resilience is of value only if it is in flow and moving and not stuck in stubbornness and defeat.

The very first step out of a rut is to form an adequate self image. And therefore, we must have a supportive inner circe with a growth mindset.

To imagine how it would be, how it could be, if……must lead us to be more first, might it be to learn, study or getting up-skilled. That helps to do more with the result to have more. The purpose is to give more, to be a river, not a reservoir.

My passion to EQUIP includes the whole family. I did not have this, I had no one. I was so locked up into a husband-and-his-parents family business cage, that imagination was my only way to survive, even though I was a Christian then. I want to be a voice for spirit filled christians and churches as well, as the legalistic and cold way must have come to an end. But this is a whole different story.

My inner circle was poison. So I was not the mother I wished I would have been. I failed right there. Big times.

BUT, today, I see, I know, I learn, I overcame, I forgave myself and everybody. I grow, I evolve and I can give. Because I cannot give what I do not have.

My dedication with Serendipity Ranch is to offer people a turning point experience.

Something for life. Something with rock solid foundations. A place to taste how victory would be like, how life could be when equipped with confidence, a foundation to stand on and to see where to go, how far one could go. That is living in a really good state of mental health and wellbeing.

Looking forward every day, because last day ended midnight!

Thank you for reading my blog