This is my third blog about our levels of awareness. And as we look to the lower levels, we have to admit we’re visiting frequently those animal and mass levels. Therefore the question is: where do I spend my time? How do I cope and deal with situations and feelings? What story do I tell myself and others?

Let’s move up the awareness ladder, and just as a reminder, it touches all our spheres of life, the spiritual, health, relationships, wealth and career

And we are right up on our way to BE-DO-HAVE-GIVE more.

Aspiration or Intention is the next level: we found our uniqueness, we see potential, options, we start to imagine and to dream, we WANT to be-do-have-give more, but we DO NOTHING ! We start to have excuses, are discouraged and fall down back to the lower levels, to blame, shame, excuse, reason why not;-  and there are plenty of people who love us, but happy that we have given up on our dreams. On this level, we can stay inspired for years, or all life long, like forever, reading inspirational quotes, watching inspirational shows, dvd’s and what not, but that’s it.

UNTIL we decide that we have to step out and up, and move forward, where change happens. We have reached a turning point and are taking actions. Now two things will happen: either we fail or enjoy beginners luck with failure that will kick in later for sure. We are now separated from the pack, started a business, went back to Uni, and things are not going great. Discouragement is nagging on us and we realise that some people are not supportive. They may say: “I told you so” Loosing the game and staying committed becomes a huge challenge. Passion is fading away and at this point, most of the people quit, blame the economy and everything, finding themselves right back on the lowest level of awareness. IMPORTANT: In this stage, we must have a safe inner circle, people who support us. Asking: What have you learned so far? What are you doing next? They won’t let you settle in the status quo, they send you off to try again. They will not celebrate a pity party with you, but encourage you

AND we, you, I, learn DISCIPLINE!!!! It means that I can give myself a command and FOLLOW THROUGH. We realise, that who we become along the way is maybe more important than what we have set as a goal. The journey becomes most important, like in sports. Going, doing every day, self motivation, purpose, reason, driven. And we realise, that this changes our character. And the people we are with, change as well.

This is my life, my journey. I am not the same person today as when I started my journey. Above it all, I am so grateful that I started my own Adventure Planner journal. I filled about 5 books so far. They are invaluable. They became a great source to teach, coach, train, blog, create workshops and content for public speaking. I can see myself growing with it.

What I GIVE, I AM, I HAVE and I DO,  fail forward. Every day. My life has become rich in almost all areas, beside money. BUT I keep on pressing forward, failing, learning from it and growing and flourishing in all 4 areas: REAL Relationship-Equipping-Attitudes and Leadership.

The next blog will be about learning and mastery

Thank you for reading my blog

Be well