My story to help you:

Horses: As a young mum, I was scared of horses. But then I fell in love with them and this change of mind, from fear to love, helped me to overcome that fear. Horses changed my mindset from “I can’t” to I can, I try, I will, I do, I want” in areas of my life that has nothing to do with horses. But then I learned about real horsemanship by Tom, Ray and Buck. They catapulted me into the journey of Personal Growth and Leadership. 2 statements by Ray Hunt changed my whole mindset: “You’re working on yourself, not the horse” and “Confidence is knowing you’re prepared for the unthinkable”
Developing a strong, good, beneficial (to all, not to egotism) mindset happens every day. This is NOT a one time for all event. It is a starter kit to a successful and fulfilling life. A new mindset directs bad habits into good habits. This is what Serendipity Ranch is all about. We can help you to BE DO HAVE and GIVE more of what you really really want to become. With good horsemanship and the John C John C. Maxwell teaching, we can help you to be the change, to make a difference to step towards your dreams. And by doing this, all bad things, abuse, failures starting slowly but surely to fade away over time. And you’re creating a new you, new circumstances and a new ending to your story.
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