Have you ever been in one of  those situations: You’re driving on the highway, and there comes a rude driver, pushing and honking the horn? Or that person who drives under the speed limit, and the moment you decide to pass, that person speeds up  above the limit? Or you’re waiting patiently in a cue and someone presses in before you? Or you post something on FB and someone has a rant? Or someone hangs up the phone on you? Or the kids, the husband, wife, co-worker anyone sets you off?

How do you, how do I react? Am I able to think and respond, effortlessly? Do I give my power to people and circumstances? Can they MAKE me sad, glad or mad?

To be honest, my biggest learning curve in personal growth and leadership is in the car. And yes, I’m not where I want to be, but not where I was a few years ago either.

The lowest level of awareness is acting on the animal level. By the instinct of flight, fight or freeze, which is defence. When you’re watching the movie “The Mustang”, the prisoner has been asked of how long it took him from the THOUGHT to the actual CRIME. His answer was: “Split Second”

Every step into personal growth starts with awareness in 5 areas of our whole being. And this is where horses are priceless as thinking partners. BECAUSE, when we become aware of ourselves, we realize that we are set on default to JUDGE, instead to acknowledge it and grow. BUT without awareness, we cannot grow, which means, we’re still, which basically means moving  backwards, because life is dynamic.

SO, people or circumstances cannot make me sad, glad or mad. This is an attitude. Personal growth means to STOP and THINK, and to choose my attitude to the stimulus and then RESPOND accordingly.

If we do not grow, we give in to our automatic reaction of our emotions. Life means to expand and to express. To the bad or to the good. It is our responsibility.

That’s why EVERY DAY MATTERS, as we build habits daily, good and bad ones. And the summary of our habits form our character.

Serendipity Ranch helps you to learn, to take you on a non judgemental journey:


-to become awaken from this slumber of ignorance

-to experience a turning point for transformation

-to become educated about how to BE-DO-HAVE and GIVE more

-to find your purpose in life which will be the filter of how you see things

We introduce you to the AdventurePlanner, a journaling tool with purpose

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