In my last blog, we were talking about the lowest level of awareness, the animal level, the stimulus-reaction level. Where others and circumstances are to blame, and the search to ease it, mostly found in alcohol and drugs and what not.

There is another low level of awareness, and the market place makes the most of the profit on it. At this level, a person is concerned of what others think. Or better: What they think others think. And the question is always: What do they, he, she think(s)……..???

All of us are falling down to low levels, daily, but Personal Growth and Leadership helps to shorten the time to stay there. Or to turn around very quick.

The level I am talking about today is the “following the crowd” level. And the majority of people live their life there. No real thinking is taking place, rather to fit in with the crowd. Or we could call it: Sheep mentality, no questions asked. I do it sometimes, because everybody does it. Self check: Asking other people what they think what I should do. Not really searching for advise.

I remember my dad was like this. He always asked everybody what he should do, and all it did to him was, getting him more confused. When he got older, he lived a daily life of regrets. And I never ever wanted to live like this. But like anyone else, I needed a wake up call and experience a turning point to change things around and take responsibility.

George Bernhard Shaw said that 2% of people think!!! That reminds me of Ray Hunt’s saying: “THINK”

3% of people think that they are thinking and whooping 95% of people would rather die than think!!!

Thinking is hard work and scary and takes us out of our comfort zone. Our inner circle might not want that we think as it makes them uncomfortable. This is why, sooner or later, we will change our inner circle. Successful people do not follow the masses. They do not suffer from the sos, the shiny object syndrome. Oh look another xyz, oh another one…….. have and do because others have and do it. We have to become independent thinkers.

We might get ridiculed, misunderstood, hated, blamed and envied. But be sure that our first responsibility is to ourselves. Be also aware that the masses are obsessed with conformity rather than creativity. Regurgitation of anything, and I mean anything, including horsemanship, lifemanship, is not thinking.

To have more, we first need to be more, which means to do more. The beauty of this is to be able to give more. In all 5 areas of our lives. We cannot give what we do not have.

We help you with our horses as thinking partners. Not to learn what to think, but how to think.

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Thank you for reading my blog. I’m excited to climb up the stairs, step by step to the mastery of the highest level of awareness.

Becoming a better person is the greatest gift we can give to our loved ones, the community and our animals

Be well