If I would have known then, what I have learned meanwhile, not just my life, but also the lives of my loved ones would have turned out very differently.

I write this blog from the bottom of my heart and tears sneaking out of my eyes.

My parents-in-law started a small business by selling and repairing TV’s and Radios and serving the Italian speaking clients who did not speak German. Pretty soon, they added more stores and everything went well. My now ex-husband was added to the team and under his name, he became the owner and director. As a skilled hardware and software developer, the company began to boom. There were no personal computers in banks, government, and the need for networking, new software and hardware, as well as education for the users, was rocket high. Pretty soon, we had a multi million dollar family owned company, well known and respected.

But it all fell apart, because all of us failed in the 4 core areas in life important to a healthy work and family environment.

The crash was huge and it was in the local newspapers.

My ex-husband left me for someone else, cocaine addicted

My 3 sons and 5 grand children live in Switzerland, my daughter followed me and lives now in NSW

I picked myself up, re- entered nursing, immigrated to NZ first, then Australia…..but this is a different story I am passionate to help people too: Resilience…..

To be successful, we need to know, learn and grow in 4 life defining areas: REAL= Relationships, Equipping, Attitudes and Leadership

Why do I teach with horses as thinking partners? Because they help humans to become aware of a lot off different things going on inside them.

With horses, it is not about how we want others to think of how we are, or how we wish we would be…Horses are a fact and they tell us things we might would not take from a human…….

So, together, we make the unconscious conscious with the purpose to influence our lives and situations for the best.

We help you to have a turning point experience for life

LEAD= Learn, Experience, Apply, Develop self and others

Thank you for reading my blog

Edee Rampa