Potential is one of the most wonderful words in any language. It looks forward with optimism. It is filled with hope. It promises success. It implies fulfillment. It hints greatness. Potential is a word based on possibilities. Think about your potential as a human being, and you get excited— at least I hope you do. Do you have potential? Absolutely ———-John C Maxwell

There was a time in my life, when I would not even have thought about me having potential. Until I met horses.

I was fascinated of horses. But… in came fear. I remember my very first riding lessons as a young mum: I literally felt sick and paralysed, and I am not sure if I was breathing at all back then.

What did I realize back then? What did  horses mirror back to me straight out of my inner being ?Stuff that I did not want to see? F E A R !!! I had to face my fears. And along the way, I also found out, that I was locked in to other life sucking fears, like driving a car and life itself. I felt so comfortable in my comfort-zone But I learned to face my potential-killers and to take steps and to overcome one obstacle at the time.

Potential is a seed. We can carry it in our pocket until we die. Or we can look at it, take it and plant it, watering it and expose it to the right amount of sunlight and enjoy and watch it flourishing and bearing fruits. Or we can plant it and forget about it and the weeds like fear, negativity, helplessness, sorrow, or feeling to be not good enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, name it, it keeps you locked up.

What is it that hinders you to live life to the fullest? What holds you back to start your very own journey? Are you looking for your seed of potential? Do you know your talents, gifts and strength?

Maybe you just need horses around you and friends who can mentor or coach or help you to start your journey.

All I can say…………it’s going to be amazing

Edee from Serendipity Ranch

Buck Brannaman
Horses and Life it”s all the same