Online Course for Facilitators



New Ways of Seeing Equine Assisted Learning
This online course is for practitioners working in the field of Equine Assisted Learning, for people who would like to become practitioners, or even for people who have horses and love personal
growth, leadership and horsemanship.
This course is for people who care for the horses as much as they care for clients.

After completing the course, you will have new skills to:
– to create unique and meaningful workshops
– add value to horses and clients
– become successful in life and business
– define your own path for yourself and clients
– be a leader horses and people love to follow

The new knowledge will help you to:
– be inspired to improve your horsemanship skills
– be confident and an inspiration for others
– grow as a person, as a friend, as a leader
– be confident, clear, enthusiastic and credible

Observing the field of Equine Assisted Learning/Counselling/Therapy, I notice so much confusion going on. Becoming a practitioner costs a huge amount of money and time.
The variation of pathways is a maze and confusing.

As a former RN and working in the medical field, confusion is life threatening to patients/clients.  Confusion, worries and chaos is the opposite of clarity.
Clarity means that I know what I am doing, why I am doing it, for whom I am doing it and what outcome I expect. Working with people means to be responsible and accountable for acting
within my scope of practice and with highest integrity.

I combined the teaching and philosophy by John C Maxwell, an American “guru” and bestseller author in Personal Growth and Leadership with the teaching and Philosophy by the greatest
horsemen and legends there are: Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman and Wade Black.

Enjoy the experience