Communication is a huge topic. Do you agree? Some “ThinkTank” statements about communication:

  • Low level of Awareness: The assumption that it is taking place
  • It is a dialog, not a monolog
  • Not to people, but with people
  • Not telling, but sharing
  • Not just exchange, but connection

The good news is, connection and communication is more a skill that can be learned, than a talent.

Do you remember that teacher at school who connected well with you, and therefore made a difference? Or anyone who impacted your life for the better? Thank God we all have and had those connectors in our lives. The teacher or parent or neighbour or friend who believed in you? Yes, I had and have this people around me too.

What did and do those wonderful people differently? How could and can they bring a relationship to another level? How do we communicate and connect?

Communication goes far beyond words. It is pretty much all about feelings, how we see ourselves, our past experiences, what we understand and the situation we’re in, as well as the other person sees us:

Some questions: How is your relationship with yourself? How are your relationships with family, buddies, basically anyone? The relationship we have with ourself, the value we put on ourselves matters

Horses are the most beautiful and valuable Thinking Partners and experts when it comes to communication:

I’ve seen transformations happening in people by interacting with horses and learning about good horsemanship. It happened to me too. I had to start to work on myself, and yeap, it’s going to be a lifelong commitment. Coming from a broken family, creating my own broken family, I had to dig deep to find a way into  healthy habits. Hurt people hurt people. This happened when I became  numb to my inner self. I became combative, because I wouldn’t let anyone hurt me anymore. I realised my attitude when I saw Buck Brannaman working with colts who never had human handling before. I saw myself in that bucking and kicking pony. And I became deeply drawn to those kind of horsemen. I desperately wanted to become like them. Not related to their horsemanship skills as such, but to the the way they are. And ONE phrase by Ray Hunt is now imprinted in every cell of my body and in my mind and spirit:” CONFIDENCE is KNOWING you’re PREPARED”

To get there, I had to start working on myself, every day. Because how I do one thing, I do everything. This catapulted me to the way of Personal Growth and Leadership…….but this is another story in my next blog. Another dig deep topic

My heartfelt desire is to help people to see to learn and to explore. I want to be that person I would have loved to turn to, but there was nobody. So I am becoming that somebody…….to add value to people and horses

My teaching is based on evidence, it is timeless, applies to all cultures, ages and situations. Because the Universe, the Animal Kingdom and the Human “Kingdom” , the whole Creation, is based on laws and principles to keep order and harmony. They are set. It doesn’t matter if we believe in them or not. Like: The law of gravity. The apple falls from the tree if we believe it or not. If you have a toddler in a high chair, you know what I am talking about. The sun comes up every morning, we have set days month seasons and so on.

Knowing those laws and principles in all areas of our lives help us big times. This is why my ThinkTank Outpost Workshops can dig deep. If you want to explore or learn.

My workshops are: REAL= Relationships, Equipping Attitudes and Leadership

Invest in yourself by LEAD= learning, Exploring, Applying and Developing yourself and others

Thank you for reading my blog