This is my last blog of the series “Levels of Awareness.” The purpose is to think and to do a check up from “head to toes” when we are stuck and  frustrated; it is NOT a tool for self judgement or judging others. It is meant to help us to find out where we rent space in our thinking and behaviour.

The next two levels are coming with a great reward: Experience and calm confidence.

Many years ago, my then young horse bolted, and I made the decision to find out about good horsemanship. I read the book “True Unity” by Tom Dorrance. I did not understand much then, but I loved his personality and one thing I knew right then: this is the kind of person humans and horses love to be around. I found out about Ray Hunt pretty soon, and he showed me the way to my Personal Growth and Leadership journey, through the legacy he left behind. For one year, I had an ex-parelli lady coming, almost twice a week, to answer my questions about how to understand what those guys actually meant. See, the first time she came, she said to me, that I have to work on myself, not on my horse! That was new to me and scary and fascinating BUT I was in love with Tom’s Ray’s and Buck’s way of horsemanship and therefore teachable. Buck Brannaman came to Australia and I attended clinics with him, read his and Ray’s books and learned from DVD’s and CD’s on long road trips. And practice, practice, practice. My horse and I have changed since. We went through a transformation. My horse faster than I for sure.

“Confidence is knowing you are prepared for the unthinkable” RAY HUNT. Today, I know that those guys are Masters. Then I found John C Maxwells teaching in human-ship showing me the way to grow daily. Now I combine this two philosophies. Because I have seen greatness.

To get there, we have to learn lessons, which are not written in a book or a worksheet. That kind of experience cannot occur in any other way. It is the level, where we find out that all the answers or how’s that we are looking for are found from within.

It is that scary step we have to take daily, that step out of our comfort zone. Where we are done with excuses, procrastination, blaming and what not. It is the level of taking full responsibility for ourselves.

It is failing forward, it is painful, but less painful than being stuck in the status quo of doing nothing. It is a step out of average right up into significance.

What’s the cost: Commitment, no turning back, paying the price of practicing over and over again. discipline, able to give ourselves a command and following through. Persistence. Pressing through, and again and again, failing forward, learning from it and moving on. Consistency!!!

The dream, vision, purpose is pulling, the longing and desire to be, do, have and give more is burning and consistent. Masters are not attached to the outcome, but to the participation. They are not dictated by conditions and circumstances. (Oh I’m not going to the gym today because it is raining……)

It is the calmness of mind that I so admire in those people, right when the yoghurt hits the fan. This beautiful confident calmness. They respond, not react. The horsemen are focused on the horses and the humans are then focused on the people. Like when the microphone is not working when they are on stage, or the horse has his very own mind. They have reached a higher level of thought. They have taken responsibility. They became the captain of their own ship.

When I let a person influence me and my life, a person I get mentored by; they Have to operate on the master level. They have credibility.

It is a tough but beautiful journey and I would like to take people with me on their own journey, not mine


Where are you renting a room? On which level? Do you want to be, do, have and give more? Who is influencing your life?  In all of those areas? Spiritual, Health, Relationships, Wealth and Career?

It matters. Every day matters.

Thank you for reading my blogs and I hope to add value to your life with it

Be well