What we see in the mirror with our eyes is just a small part of who we really are. What we cannot see with our eyes are our feelings, our soul, our spirit and our mind. When a brain surgeon works on a human brain, that is what he sees. He cannot see our mind. We have 2 minds, the conscious mind and the incredible much more powerful subconscious mind.

It is our subconscious mind that we want to explore in our EAL programs. Because our guts feelings and our subconscious mind are leading our lives.

Before we can change a fixed mindset or improve on a beneficial mind set, we first have to know how we think. So this is where horses help us so much. Non judgemental.

It will be a turning point for your whole life! Because, as Carl Jung said: “UNTIL YOU MAKE THE UNCONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS, IT WILL RULE YOUR LIFE AND YOU CALL IT FATE”

People who see themselves as victims find plenty of opportunity every day to be wronged. People who see themselves as successful, find plenty of opportunity every day to prove that.

So why would you want to change the way you think or your belief system? That depends on wether you are enjoying a full life, a purpose driven life, or if you are getting the results you want out of your life.

Why having horses as thinking partners works so well: Intensely emotional experiences are likely to be more relevant and life changing than experiences that are neutral.

What is your next step?

Know who you are and who you are not

Know your believe system

Get equipped and start filling your toolbox with life skills


By getting in contact wit us and have a chat. It is all about you. It is your turning point and your opportunity for empowerment

Thank you for reading this blog